About me

I came to yoga late in life – more out of curiosity than anything else. In 2014 I started my practice and in March 2019 completed yoga teacher training. For me, yoga is about self belief, peace and empowerment. It’s about coming to the mat exactly as I am in the moment, taking the time to pay back into my health bank account – no judgement or pressure to perform.

Fundamentally the yoga asana I cherish reconnects people with their bodies and allows them to discover what movements they are capable of. Truly believe in the ethos yoga is for everyone.

Time spent on the mat is my safe zone, learnt to allow the pose to suit my body, not the other way around. This concept is how I teach. It’s important to be accessible as possible, allowing the space and agency to be true and kind to yourself. If a pose doesn’t work to offer and explore variations that do. 

An advocate for using equipment (props) to support any yoga practice, a concept which at times goes against the grain of what you see in modern day yoga. Using a block, strap, wall or chair opens up the possibilities to be curious, to explore creativity and bring a fun element into a class. I also find support gives people confidence to make the practice their own, adding in their own personal signature. 

 I am forever a student, thoroughly enjoy learning more about this beautiful practice, taking classes or on the look out for workshops to attend. 


Things I like to do ...

When not on my mat, have on a creative hat, writing poetry for me, fills my heart with glee.   

I have been a guest teacher with Jivana Heyman (Accessible Yoga School) for his chair yoga training. Also for accessible yoga training incorporating chair, blocks and yoga strap for Jessica Rabone Yoga


Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga
Accessible Yoga Training (Jivana Heyman) Yoga For All (Dianne Bondy & Amber Karnes)
Mental Health First Aider
First Aider
Experiential Anatomy (Judith Lasater & Mary Richards)
Yoga Physics D2R & YST (Alexandria Crow)
Yin & Yoga Nidra & Yoga Nidra writing courses (Jennie Wadsten & Melanie Cooper) 

Titanium Blonde – Episode 56 invited to speak with Sherry Eckert.
Bent Over Wellness – Invited to speak with Isidora Romantini.
Yoga For All Bodies – Video Podcast, Episode 14 with Natalia Tabilo.